Dear Epic,

This past weekend you turned a whole year old.  Congratulations me! I’v managed to keep you alive and healthy for an entire year!  To me that seems like such a huge accomplishment.  When I wrote a letter similar  to your sister just over a year ago I wrote that I didn’t even know where the time had gone, that it seemed like just yesterday she had entered into our lives.  I can’t say the same about you.  You’re different Epic, it feels like you’ve just always been here, a part of our family.

Danger lives life hard and fast, well as hard and fast as a two year old can I suppose but you, you are different.  Your moves are calm and deliberate.  You almost always seem relaxed.  You’re quick to laugh slow to cry but when you do cry it’s always because your feelings are so incredibly hurt.  You are obviously the best snugglebug that there ever was.  You love to be held close and tight and find no better satisfaction than when rocking in your room getting your back tickled.  That is how I know you’re mine!  Although you are the spitting image of your father you are so much like me.

Everyone says that boys walk earlier, crawl earlier and are generally bigger than girls but you my little man seem to be in no hurry.  You are only a tiny 20lbs 1 oz and eat almost nothing other than cereal. Oh and cake.

You’re not at all interested in walking at this point although you are sometimes willing to stand while holding onto the furniture.  However your one true joy in life is climbing the stairs.  It’s your favourite pass time.  There are days that while your sister naps the two of us spend what seems like forever climbing the stairs together.  You giggle the entire time.  

You are strong and silent and fun and sensitive, you have the cutest cheeks and the biggest blue eyes.  You say mama and dada and baby.  You are perfect.

Love Mama