Meet Rebeca and Ed.  I don’t know that I’ve ever met two people more in love.  Seriously!  Although the two of them are getting married next September they have only known each other for less than a year when Rebeca started her Paramedic training at Ed’s station in Rural Alberta.  Ed swear’s it was love at first site…I definitely believe him.  After seeing these images I’m sure you’ll believe him too!

The first part of the session is a little different than any other of done.  They didn’t just try and do a trendy vintage shoot ’cause it’s trendy instead they were inspired by Ed’s 1940’s gun, (which I totally fired at a gun range btw) Not only did Ed already own the gun but he already had the rest of the early 1940’s clothing.  Minus the hat that he’d had his eyes on for a little while!   Interesting fact for you his pants where actually worn on the show “Band of Brothers”  VERY COOL!

Since old school is their thing Rebeca kept the theme alive by picking up her vintage 1940’s dress up on Ebay.  I’ll totally testify in court that it FOR REAL smelt like it was from the 40’s!

So here it is the first part of Ed+Rebeca= ENGAGED!