Dearest Danger,

Two weeks ago you turned FOUR and it’s straight up blowing my mind.  So much so that it took me until now to be able to write this post to you.  I’m also a chronic procrastinator, just get used to it. 

You Danger are possibly the raddest kid to ever live.  You are spunky, and nerdy and girly all at once.  You’ve got this sparkle in your eye that tells of mischief.  In many ways you are a tiny version of myself with blonde hair and way more self esteem. In other ways you are a way better amped up version of me and in some ways I can’t even believe you are my child.

You much like myself refuse to wear dresses because “where are the pants” you love music, you’re lanky and awkward, you have big hands for your age.  You have an imagination that makes me look like an accountant and man can you dance.  Although you hate dresses your favourite colour is pink with purple as a close second.  You are petite and delicate and girlie beyond belief. You also think that your butt is the single most hilarious thing on the entire planet.  You do butt dances, you rub it on people and you toot, a lot.

This past week we asked you if you want to take Ballerina Camp over the summer.  You thought about it for a second, and said “ummm how about I go to Karate camp instead”.  The way you say KAAARRRAAAAATAAAAY cracks me up every time.

This year you started preschool.  I can’t say enough good things about the experience.  School is your absolute favourite and has opened your mind to more than I could imagine.  You are a SPONGE.  You come home everyday naming me the parts of a plant, the foods that make horses happy or the many possible reasons that may have caused the extinction of dinosaurs.  In short you are quickly becoming smarter than me.

(photos you took on your indestructible camera…note to self: get you a better camera)

As far as the future goes you have decided that when you grow up you want to be a “picture lady”  and a mom.  I’m okay with both but I’m secretly hoping you’ll become a doctor instead.  You care a lot about people and how they feel.  You care that our neighbour is being nice to his little sister.  You care that our dog Stella’s feelings aren’t hurt.  You care that the horses in their trailer that are parked at Costco while their owners are inside don’t get lonely or too warm.  You care that the bird perched on our fence “must be lost and misses his mommy”. You care. A lot.  I hope that you don’t ever lose that.  I do hope you stop sucking your thumb soon.

You Danger are the most amazing girl I have ever met and I am so proud to be your mama, even if that does mean you might rub your ass on me 3 more times today.