I hate having my picture taken.  I feel like I always look totally nerdy.  The worst part is that in my crazy attempts to look less ridiculous I always make myself look 10 times crazier!  It’s one of the reason’s I love being behind the camera, when people are awkward or feeling self conscious it becomes my personal mission to show them how rad they are, how great they look and provide them with images of themselves with the people they love most in the entire world.

People like me are why I became a photographer.

As a photographer it’s easy to come up with so many excuses to not have family photos done.  Financially it makes sense to just take the photos myself.  I have friends (professional photographers) who have just set up a tripod and taken their own family photos and they turned out alright.  And I have some amazing images of my kids that I am so pumped I got to take.

BUT I think that’s kind of a cop out and my kids deserve better memories than a tripod and me running back and forth from the camera.  I also wanted to hire a photographer who would SEE our family and tell our story.  Their way.

I’ve been following Rob & Lauren Photographers for a couple years now.  Back before they retired from wedding photography to focus solely on families.  I even did a skype mentor session with them a while back.  I’m a HUGE fan of their work.  When they said they’d make the trip from Edmonton down to Calgary I was PUMPED!  So we started working out the details, the date, the contracts & the package. The package took a little work on my part.  Convincing Chris of such a large investment took a little bit.  But as husbands always should he caved. I sent them our money and then proceeded to have a nervous break down.

All the things I give people advice on day in and day out started literally giving me nightmares. ‘Cause I’m effing crazy like that! Seriously I had the craziest nightmare ever that I forgot to wear a bra to our photos and didn’t realize until half way through and nightmare Lauren was all “No! You can’t change now, we’re on a schedule”

I started panicking about outfits and what we would do and DEAR GOD MY MUFFIN TOP! How will I possibly get rid of my muffin top in time.  Then I started eating so many doughnuts in attempts to burry the muffin top fears in doughy goodness.  Very counter productive.  True story I actually had a drink right before we started our photos because I was loosing my shit.

I’m sure Lauren thought I was crazy.

Then the photos started and  I kept saying things like “are we doing okay?” and “are you able to get anything out of these”.  The photos ended I was pumped Chris was pumped the kids were on a crazy sugar high and the world was good.

Yep I’m crazy and I tell you all of this because being in your shoes is hard.  We’ve done it before a few times, both kids had newborn and maternity and 6 month pictures and every time it’s REALLY HARD.  So know that I get it.  Having really awesome photos isn’t only an investment of money it’s also a HUGE investment of time, and effort and craziness (if you are me) I don’t take it lightly being invited into your life.  So if you have had photos taken by me in the past or you will in the future know that I think you are rad and that I’m super thankful you chose me to make you a crazy person! 🙂

NOW here are my awesome photos and moving portrait! I can’t wait to get our album!!


If you are a photographer and you want some more awesomeness check out Rob & Lauren’s educational site www.photographyconcentrate.com