In five-ish weeks life will be a hell of a lot busier here at casa EpicDanger.  People keep asking me things like “Are you ready? Are you terrified of being out numbered? How do you think Danger and Epic are going to handle the new baby” followed up by “Are you crazy?”

To be honest I’m not overly concerned with any of these issues.  Am I ready, not really. The baby’s room is painted but I’ve yet to order the decals or move the furniture back up from the basement to be reassembled. But we’ve got a car seat (as a side note OH MY GOD NEW CAR SEATS FOR ALL THE KIDS MIGHT BANKRUPT ME!) lined up and realistically the one thing I’ve learned having two kids already is that other than a car seat you can pretty much make due without every other baby item on the market.

Both Danger and Epic are so excited to have a baby sister to love and snuggle that I don’t think being out numbered will be a problem.  Danger has announced to the world on more than one occasion that “I’m gonna snuggle this baby all day long!” and our kids are pretty independent as it is.  I’m a firm believer in the more the merrier view on life.

But there is ONE thing that I’m pretty concerned about.  It’s the very first question anyone that knows our family asks and it seems like the most important question of them all.

“What are you going to name this kid?”  First name, not a problem.  We’ve had it locked down for a while now.  The kids already have a nickname for her based on her first name.  The middle name not quite so easy.  When your kids have the middle names Epic and Danger it puts a lot of pressure on you to live up to the hype and name your third kid something equally awesome.

I’m sort of at a blank though and that’s where you fine folks come in.  I am basically here to ask you to help name my kid. This means I like you a lot. So don’t screw it up! No pressure.


What You Need to Know

First name:  Lennon (like the Beatle not the dictator, that’s a common question I get)

Last name: McArthur

Siblings names: Rory Danger & Cohen Epic

Although we are looking for something different and fun it has to be spelled the right way.  No K’s instead of C’s no Y’s in place of other random vowels.  I might live on the edge but I do have respect for the English language thank you very much.

What You Win! 

Yes! I’m not going to let you name my kid and not give you something for all your hard work! I’m not a total jerk!  Plus who doesn’t love a contest!

If I happen to choose your awesome name for my awesome kid then I’ll hook you up with a $200 credit for all things EpicDanger!  AND the bragging rights from now until the end of time that YOU NAMED Baby 3.0!  If that’s not enough then I don’t know what is!

If I choose a name that has been mentioned by more than one of you fine folks then I’ll randomly choose a winner out of the peeps who suggested that name.

How To Enter?

It’s easy.  Down in the comments section leave your idea for an equal parts rad and adorable name for baby Lennon.  Don’t be shy, you aren’t limited to just one.  So jump on it!

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