Woops! {Personal} | Calgary Family Photographer

I know, I know! I was supposed to blog more regularly!  I was supposed to keep to a schedule!  Life is hard you know!  We are currently in the throws of Potty Training, which let me tell you for me, has been the hardest part of this parenting gig thus far.

I’m also working away like a champ on changing some things up on www.epicdanger.com so stay tuned to see if your family makes it to the front page of greatness!  Along with the website I plan to do an update on this here blog sooner than later all while continuing to shoot through the holidays!

Oh yeah the holidays! You’d think with two kids I’d be knee deep in Santa Clause and lights by this point.  Somehow I’ve managed to avoid that so far this year.  Not for long as tomorrow night is going to be our tree decorating extravaganza! Wish me luck!

Here’s a pic from last year to tide you over!

Stay warm!

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