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A kid I like… {Personal} | Calgary Photographer

I’ve got this friend Alison, I love her a lot.  She’s kinda a big deal. She’s definitely in my top 5.  One of the reasons I love her is because she has these awesome kids (5 of them actually) who are like all amazing and stuff.  Because her oldest kids are in their teens I always find myself marvelling at their radness.  Brooke and Wyatt are 16 and 15 I believe.  Super close together just like Epic and Danger.  Brooke being older just like Danger.  They are super close and did I mention how awesome they are?  I so hope that my Danger and Epic are as fun, caring, free with as much personality as these kids!

Especially Brooke!

(Photo taken by Alison Henrie)

Just like her mom brooke has some mad photo skills.  At only 16 she’s won awards in NYC.  Today Brooke posted her newest masterpiece for her photography classes assignment “twisted”,  I’m not ashamed to admit that I was jealous I didn’t take it.

It’s weird and quirky totally out of the box and all together awesome!  Let me just say that folks should watch out for this kid because if she wants to she can do some pretty big things.  I’m sure of it!

Here are some more images taken by Miss Brooke

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Alison HenrieDecember 5, 2021 - 10:02 pm

Sniff sniff…love this. And you, too.

damaraDecember 7, 2021 - 3:22 pm

Wow…this girl is amazing. I wish I took the time to pursue creativity like this!! I found your blog through thebschool and love your personality on here…I’m looking forward to following you and your work!

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