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I’m a pretty big fan of technology.  My iPhone is literally an extension of my hand.  In our house between two adults and two toddlers we have two computers, an iPad, two iPod touches, two iPhones, a blackberry, a PS3 and an xbox 360 and two TV’s larger than 40″.   Yes, it’s excessive, I know but what can I say we are nerdy and love modern conveniences.

(Danger took this pic of me by the way.  The camera weighs more than her)

Along with my love of technology, I am also nerdy because I freaking love me some Zombies! It’s weird I know.  I love zombie movies my favourite being Zombieland and recently I have been pretty in love with The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead makes me happy for a few reasons.  One, I like guys with cowboy hats.  Two, Sarah Wayne Callies is the main female character in this show and I really liked her from her days as Dr. Sarah Tancredi on Prison Break.  Three, the concept of having to live in our world totally void of every institution, law and creature comfort is fascinating.  Hell the idea of living without google is fascinating to me! Then there’s the obvious zombie thing.

You are probably wondering why I’m telling you this?

This is a photography blog after all?

So here’s the thing.  While watching the pilot episode of this great show I was pretty sucked in.  This Deputy Sheriff  Rick (aka guy in the cowboy hat) get’s shot on the job and he wakes up to find his whole world upside down and over run by  ”The Walking Dead”  it’s intense!

Rick does what any father would do it this situation he finds a bike and rides home to his family.  Turns out a father son combo save his life along the way.  After explaining to Rick what has happened they head to Rick’s house where.

This is Why I’m Telling You This Whole Story

The scene starts with Rick rummaging through his house and says to his new friend ” They’re alive, my wife and son.  At least they were when they left… see the framed photos on the walls?  Neither do I.” … “Our photo albums,  family pictures, all gone.”

Rick’s new friend sits down teary eyed and says “Photo albums.  My wife… same thing.  There I am packing survival gear, she’s grabbing photo albums…”

Here’s the sad thing.  Today, in the society we live in most people don’t even have photo albums anymore.  Hell, many of us don’t even have framed images. We have hard drives, usb sticks, or cell phones full of images.  Even many of my clients who have invested hundreds and many times even thousands of dollars on having beautiful, fun, emotional pictures taken store them on facebook or a disc somewhere.

What I’m not saying

I’m not saying that the world as we know it is going to end via Zombie uprising so you should get some albums made or photos printed.  Although if Zombies did take over I would TOTALLY be the person you want to be friends with.  I know all the rules, and I’m a pretty great shot. Just saying.

What I am saying

What I am saying is that if something catastrophic or not it could be as simple as a computer crashing or misplacing a disc (this happens to many of my clients, no worries I’ve got you covered by the way) and it’s gone.

If we had to go back to a time before digital what would you have left? Many people the answer is nothing. I’ll be honest I’m not great at this myself.  My walls are currently full of photos of my two awesome offspring but in our entire house, outside of our wedding album which is old school so weighs approximately 23 lbs.(not great for outrunning zombies) there are two images of me.  Turns out when you’re the photographer you don’t end up in many pictures!

Here’s what I propose…

In the slight chance that the zombies do rise up. You should do a few things.

1.  Purchase a gun, and LOTS of ammunition.  AND a crossbow.  The sound from the gun draws the Zombies out so you want to make sure if you can that you can use a crossbow first.

2.  Go capture some memories! Hire a photographer to capture who you are before the world ends.  All the innocent fun you had. Making pancakes, watching movies, riding scooters. We are having some great folks from Edmonton come on down to take our photos!:) Don’t worry I’m following my own advice!

3.  Take some great pictures yourself! (I’ll also follow my advice here)

4.  Purchase prints and albums.  Show off that awesome family, super cute hubby or loyal puppy of yours.  Either tell a story through an album or decorate your house with the images of the people you love most!

5.  Watch The Walking Dead so you too can be prepared!


Watch this ->The Walking Dead Official Trailer




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Christine PetovelloJanuary 26, 2022 - 11:39 pm

oh dear, we love our technology too. One toddler, 2 laptops, one iMac, iPad, 3 iPhones, PS3, PS2, Wii, 2 gameboys…. am I forgetting something

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