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Baby Harrison: BRAND NEW | Calgary Newborn Photographer


Woohoo! He’s here!

I love babies.  It’s true.  I would have 12 of them if my life allowed for it.  I love the way they sound.  All their little grunts and their heavy breathing.  I love their little toes and tiny tiny finger nails. I love their feather soft hair.  I even love the way they smell!  To be honest there is nothing about babies I don’t love.

Harrison here was absolutely no exception to that rule.  He was super sweet, snuggly and calm.  He loved to be snuggled tight by Mom and Dad and didn’t mind just chilling out either! Plus did you see those lips! They don’t get any cuter than those!  His parents are lucky folks to have such a handsome little bloke and Harrison is lucky to have such a loving and caring family to snuggle him non stop!

I was absolutely honoured to be invited into Harrison’s home to capture this time in his new little life! I’m sure he will look at these images years and years from now and know just how much he is loved!



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