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Mother’s Day Mini Sessions | Calgary Family Photographer

Mother’s Day is coming up!

I know because I look forward to it like I used to look forward to New Years Eve when I was 19. You know when I didn’t go to bed at 10pm.

Mother’s Day is my JAM YO! It’s the day where I do what I want, I eat french toast and drink mimosas and get this MY HUSBAND CLEANS UP!  The whole thing is ridiculous right!  It’s like opposite day! And I FRIGGEN LOVE IT!

So if you are like me, birthed an awesome kid or two (or nine-teen, I’m not judging) or you have a mom and you’re thankful for her uterus then you too are getting ready to celebrate this magical day.

Dude! Have I got something for you! No it’s not a unicorn.  I know I’m disappointed too.

Instead let me introduce you to the mother’s day with non mystical creatures that you can actually have!

Now that you’ve seen all that awesome…

Let me break it down for you.  One day.  One location (TBD).  Mom and her kid(s) + 30 minutes with me and my camera creating images that will be awesome for like a million years to come.

Why only Mom’s? Dad’s need love too?

If you are anything like me (and you probably are) you know that Mom’s are the ones behind the camera, clicking the button not in the picture with the kids.  The only pictures we have with me in the image with my kids are ones we have paid people to take.  Oh and that awkward picture the nurse took right after I had each child where I was obviously looking my best.

So I figure because I think pictures of my kids and I are awesome I feel it’s my job to help you get those images too!  And it’s “Mother’s Day”, not “Mother’s and Father’s Day”!

How do you get in on this action?

EMAIL ME ->     OR      PICK UP THE PHONE -> 403 966 7758

It’s easy, but be quick about it because these session only come around twice a year and they are RAD!  I’d also love it if you would leave a comment telling me if you would love, love,  love an “urbanish” session such as Inglewood or if you really, really want to be all “naturey” Fish Creek Park style.



P.S. For all you folks out there who love themselves some Saturday Night Live Mother’s Day Music take a peek at my favourite Digital Short EVER, (warning it’s Saturday Night Live so if you are easily offended pass this one up) 




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