The Seymours At The Market | Calgary Traveling Photographer

I like to travel a lot.  It helps that being a photographer means I have a bunch of photographer friends all over North America.  Even better, most of them have couches for me to sleep on! AWESOME!

Whenever I go somewhere fun I throw it out onto the worldwide web that I’m a traveller and that I’d love to make some super fun images with you and your family while I’m doing it.   It’s totally fun to me to experience peoples favourite places. Especially when those places happen to be brand new to me.  Seeing things for the first time makes me a pretty happy photographer/human.

The coolest thing about shooting the Seymours in Seattle was that DUDE!  they are from Calgary.  They live in Calgary, hell they could do a session anytime they want to BUT they chose to fly to Seattle with their little man because it’s “their place”.  Every couple has “their place” but how often do we actually have pictures of us being our super happy blissed out selves in our favourite spot.  And I don’t mean super crappy iphone pics that don’t exist after you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet.  Most people don’t have such a thing and everyone should!

I have lots of professional photos of our family in our natural habitat but dammit next time we go somewhere awesome as a family we are bringing someone with us or hiring someone awesome locally because dammit my kids deserve amazing images of their childhood. I think yours do too!

So check out the Seymours on a wet rainy day at the Market in Seattle!



And just in case you were wondering about my availability this summer is booking up hella fast so if you want in on some awesome family fun hit me up at to book your super rad session!

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