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First, before I say anything else I need to say a huge THANK YOU!  to all you super rad people out there who have commented or emailed saying really, really nice stuff about my recent birth photography post.  You neat peeps have made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It’s been really cool seeing little L-Dub ( get it LW aka Lennon Wilde but cooler) make her way across the world wide web and feel all the love from such great people.  It’s been even cooler that not one jerk face has written me to tell me how my face looked stupid or something ridiculous like that.  Usually when there’s this much love there’s a hater or two in the bunch.  I was expecting it and was shocked when it didn’t happen.  So thanks internet for not giving me a complex.

And the biggest THANK YOU! of all needs to once again go out to LA Birth Photographer Lauren Guilford for documenting my family in such a RADTASTIC, TOTALLY AMAZING way.  I seriously can’t say enough good things about her.  I can’t wait to get out newborn session back so I can share more of her mad skills with you peeps.

Now that all my thank you’s are taken care of let’s carry on shall we.

I’ve Got The Itch

What the hell does that mean you ask? It means that DUDE, I haven’t taken this big of a break from my business in uh EVER.  It hasn’t even been that long yet.  My last session was in October and we are only in December here people!  Turns out I’m DYING to get out there and create some awesomeness for you people.  I didn’t expect to miss it so much.  It’s been a pretty delightful surprise.  Because of this delightful surprise of mine you may have noticed the influx of cute McArthur Kid photos gracing instagram.  If you happen to hate babies you should not look at the account because there are more pictures of Wilde on there than you can shake a stick at.  I just can’t help myself.  It’s like I just NEED to take them! NEED TO!


Since I’m going slightly insane and taking way to many pictures of my own family I figured I’d pass some of this crazy on to you as well! Remember this video?  You should… it’s bloody BRILLIANT!

Here’s the deal.  In the new year I’m going to start rocking out video sessions because they straight up they rock.  This means that the session fee is going up, we’ll spend a little more time together and I will shoot booth video and still photos while we hang out.  Awesome?  I think so.

Even more awesome is that from now until Christmas day you can get one of these sessions for the current session price of $250.  

HELLO SAVINGS and HELLO AWESOME VIDEO OF YOUR FAMILY!  Oh and while we are at it … HELLO HUSBANDS, I’m talking to you! This is your chance to get the wife something awesome that she actually might want… I speak from experience the alarm clock you were thinking of getting her, not a good call. This is better much, much better… Oh and did I mention THERE ARE ONLY 5 OF THESE SESSIONS AVAILABLE!!!!!

HEY LADIES, need to drop a subtle hint? I’ve got you covered… 

Just print this subtle hint off and leave it on loverboys pillow… boom.  He should get the idea.


If that happens to be a little bit too direct for you, here’s another option… just incase. 



FINE PRINT (that’s not so fine) to rock out the awesome discount that is about to take place you a must purchase your session by Dec 25th at 12:01 am and your session must take place in the super swell month of July 2014.  The $250 covers the session fee aka our time and crazy awesome talent only.  All, prints, files and product will be purchased separately. Rock on!

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