Letters to Lemmy | 6 Months

LW 6 months EpicDanger Photography

Oh Little Lemmy, 


You’ve been alive for half of a year now.  You fit so seamlessly into our family that you’d think you’ve been here all along.  You’re magic in baby form.  Pure Delight.  Just look at those pudgy little legs.  As you get older and grow more and more into your personality I’m coming to realize that I’ve finally gotten the Mini Me I hoped for for so long.  Sure you don’t look all that much like me but deep on the inside you are all mine.  You go with the flow like no other, you smile easily, and prefer to be moving than stay still.  I can put you in the Jolly Jumper for longer than seems normal, you giggle away until you fall asleep.

Your love for all things Banana flavoured is only surpassed by your love for music and snuggles.  You are everything we could have hoped for and more.

Also not eating your thighs or face is very difficult for me… you’re welcome.


Therapy Notes:

* Sorry that I keep referring to you as huge or chunker or other delicious words… it’s just that you are so much bigger/healthier than Danger was and I LOVE IT!!! OHH MMMAA GAWD



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  • JenikaMay 21, 2021 - 2:24 pm

    In that first black and white, there’s something very Epic about her facial expression - love the resemblance! What a cutie!! And she’s lucky to have such a great mama.

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