DIY disasters are for your kitchen not your business!

You’re tech savvy. You know how to rock the photoshop.
You buy a new template every year, and it never quite works out.
You get mostly done and then give up, tell yourself you’ll do it later, then keep your same ol’ website for another six months.


Let’s get it done right this time.

Deep down, you know you’re a mother fucking boss, you just keep your bossly ways hidden. You’re considerate like that. Not rubbing it in the faces of the those who just don’t know. Or maybe you just aren’t quite sure of how amazing you are yet but you’ve got this underlying feeling. Like you have this thing you’re supposed to share with the world. You just aren’t sure how to get it out there, or if you’re ready yet.

Either way I’ve got you. Whether you are ready to take the world by storm cause you’ve found your mojo or you’re stumbling along but you know you’re ready for the next step, I’m here.


DIY Done Right Is For You If:


You are tech savvy. You know what a template is, and have some photoshop/design skills.


You're already in business, you're doing great stuff, but you know your website is holding you back.


You purchase template after template. You rejig and rework but 6 months (or longer ) later you just can't seem to get it right. You actually enjoy doing this DIY thing.


You actually enjoy doing this DIY thing. Making something yourself gives you a sense of pride and badassedness.

No More

No more wasting money on $200 template after $200 template year after year. No more questioning if it’s good enough and deep down knowing the answer is that it’s not. No more late nights alone at your computer just trying to figure out just one more thing on wordpress. And even after all that blood sweat and tears 6 months to a year has gone by and you still have only a giant clusterfuck to show for it.


Instead, week by week I’ll walk you through the process, holding you accountable to a timeline and a level of awesomeness. I’ll tell you when what you’ve created is prefect and we’ll air high five. I’ll tweak the things that just need that one extra bit of waza sprinkled on top to take it from good to great, and I’ll tell you when it’s time to just scrap something cause it’s straight up terrible. I’m kind like that.


When we are done you will not only have a website you hella pumped about, but you’ll also be overwhelmingly proud because, dude, you created it with your bare fucking hands.


DIY Done Right is for frustrated yet tech savvy solopreneurs
who are sick of stumbling through the creation of their
not quite good enough website on their own.  


Book now and get:


IT Factor Session

to help you stand out from the crowd and find your mojo


Template and Logo Selection

I’ll help you pick the right template, fonts, colours and possibly even logo for you and your vibe.

6 Weeks of One on One Skype Calls

in which I hold your hand through the whole building process.


Book your DIY Done Right now for only $2500.



We’ll do a Competitor’s Analysis to find out
why they are buying from them instead of you
and how to fix it

More info? I’ve got you.

Over the next six weeks you and I will work one on one to create the perfect strategy for you to take over the world, and then create the site that will help you do it. I’ll go through the same process that we use over at GIMME THAT “IT” only you’ll be the one creating the site. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way with both weekly hour long Skype calls and email support throughout the 6 weeks.


Week 1 - It Factor Session

IT FACTOR!! We talk we figure out what makes up your secret sauce and create a strategy to use it to kick some serious ass.


Week 2 - Template Choice

Template Choice. We choose the perfect template for you, and create a basic outline of how you’ll use your site. Pages, menu choices etc.


Week 3 - About Pages

I help you create the very hardest and most important part of every site, the about page. Everyone hates writing them, except me. I love it. It’s the most interesting part of your business, YOU, the person behind it all.


Week 4 - Make That Money

Your offer, pricing and Info Pages. Together we come up with a strategy to guide your clients through your process and then explain your pricing in a way that has them begging to hire you.


Week 5 - Galleries and Blog Layout

Galleries & Blog Layout - slideshows, masonry grids, featured posts, the world is your oyster. We’ll chose the right option for you and your people.


Week 6 - Fairy Dust and Loose Ends

Our final week we wrap up all the loose ends and sprinkle a nice dose of crack for your clients right on top.

If you are thinking “OHHHHHH SNAP!!!!! I want some of this soooo bad” then fill out that contact form now.  Every minute that passes is a client who happens upon your site and isn’t converted to cash in your pocket.  I can help!


Book your DIY Done Right now for only $2500.


Wondering If This Is For You?  Hit Me Up!

This internet shit is hard! I’ve got you!

You’re in love already. I can feel it. It feels good doesn’t it! If you want some of this, all you’ve got to do is fill out some of those pearly white boxes to the right and we’ll be killing it in no time. Fist Bumps and High Fives Y’all!