What’s Up? I’m Nikki,

Nik, Nicholas, Nikolai Volkoff, N-Biz, Fish Face or my personal favourite, and my Jr High nickname of Myrtle The Turtle. Yes I really was that cool. Very few people actually call me Nikki, don’t be afraid. There’s lots of shit you might want to know about me, most of those things don’t matter but I’ll hook you up with the facts anyhow, I’m kind like that.
I’m a 30 something year old who looks like I might graduate high school this year… or maybe next. Only recently have I embraced this good genetic fortune. I have more kids that you could possibly count, I like them all, you would too. This does mean that yes, I probably do more in a day than you, and I most definitely sleep less. I like it that way, keeps me on my toes.


I believe a lot of shit.

I believe in soul mates and destiny and so many hippy things. I believe in morning sex and donuts for breakfast and Thursday night concerts in dives with beer in plastic cups.  I also believe in the word Mother Fucker… try it, it feels good as it rolls off the tongue.

I believe who we are is more important than what we sell.

That we’ve all got some sort of secret sauce to offer this giant globe of ours, that we all have a little bit of magic in us.  I believe in ghosts and passed lives and so many hippy things.  I also believe that if we want big, crazy, awesome things that we’ve got to be brave as hell to get them.  It turns out that a lot of people might not like what that bravery looks like.  Here’s the best part though, the people who do like it, don’t just like it they fucking love it and that love, is what makes ridiculously loyal, crazy happy, hella awesome clients. I also believe I can help you get those clients! 

Just To Recap

I like flannel, cursing like a very dapper sailor, nothing lights me up like making money, I’m a quick start, with loads of follow through and I have too many kids for my own good, what else is left?

Real List Like Nik Facts

  • I’m a mom to 4 + a bonus daughter (WINNING)
  • I am the partner to a beautiful, funny, smart soulful lady named Anna. Which means I’m pretty gay.
  • I was once married to a dude, so I totally get all you straight folks, no fears.
  • Whisky… I love it.  I like it so many ways, like all good Canadians I love me a Rye and Coke, I love a good scotch on the rocks (the smokier the better) but more than anything I love an Old Fashioned. YUM.
  • I’m an empath, but I like to keep my feels locked up tight hidden away with pie and donuts and all things carbs piled on top.
  • Coffee is my happy place, but only good coffee… I might own an espresso machine that is worth more than my first car.
  • Did I mention donuts? Cause Donuts!!


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