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Here’s the deal, I love to talk about stuff.  I think that when we talk about the things that really, REALLY matter, even when it’s awkward, or intense, or uncomfortable, that real change starts to happen.  We can see each other with more love, compassion, and understanding, especially when we can talk about the awkward, intense, uncomfortable stuff with a little bit of empathy, humour, and a gentle heart.

I’m one of the few lucky (or unlucky, depending on my mood) people who truly has the experience of living fully on both sides of the gender spectrum.  I spent the first 30 years of my life living as my assigned at birth gender, I was a daughter, a wife, a mom.  I was socialized as female, with all the hang-ups and insecurities that come along with that.

And I’ve lived the past 3 years as a man.  I am a son, a husband, and a father.  I have stepped into white male privilege, whether I like it or not.  I see and understand the benefits that being male has provided me.  I see the places I was held back before, the things I could have done differently in hindsight and I see the pressure placed upon men’s shoulders, the power society has given them, and the tight cages society has put men in as well.

Because of this unique experience I’ve been given, I have a slightly different outlook on the world that helps me immeasurably in life, business, and even my marriage, and basically, I can’t shut up about it ever.  So if you want to hear me so damn passionately talk about any of the topics below, or a topic that’s on your mind, hit me up!  I’d love to come hang out on your podcast, at your event, or wherever else you might be!

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  • “Talk Like A Girl And Get What You Want”
  • How gender affects the way we communicate
  • Things women say that hold them back
  • How To Brand Like a Boss: Combing your heart and hustle into your brain

audience raves

Nick’s perspective may not be singular — but he’s definitely the only person I’ve ever met who is able to thoughtfully articulate some of the insane divides in the “male” and “female” experience: and his insight is deeply valuable for all of us.

Better still, he’s engaging, funny as hell, and tackles the generally un-fun subjects of gendered socialization and the confidence gap in an entirely relatable and charming way.

Daniella Zalcman

Photojournalist, Pulitzer Center Grantee, Found of WomenPhotograph

Nick’s perspective is absolutely one-of-a-kind, and his stage presence is downright spellbinding. YUP, I know ‘spellbinding’ is high praise. I don’t use that term lightly.

Hire him if you want your audience to feel loved, energized, and enlightened in one fell swoop.

Kristen Kalp

Breath Work Guru, Speaker, Unicorn in disguise.

Nick McArthur came on stage at the Real Life Conference and owned the room from the get-go.

Smart, funny, and uniquely insightful, his poignant talk on “How to Talk Like a Girl and Get What You Want” left us all in stitches, and standing quite a bit taller.

No doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more from Nick on popular stages and podcasts around the world.

Blair deLaubenfels

Art, Life, and Business

I heard Nick speak at the Real Life Conference and he blew my mind. His unique perspective on the world and the complexities of gender dynamics in our everyday life provides audience members with the opportunity to examine their own beliefs and see where they can adjust their own thinking or behaviour to make the world a less gendered space.

Plus, he’s funny as hell. As soon as he was finished, I said to my friend sitting beside me-he needs to do a Ted Talk.

Dana Pugh

Photographer, Educator, Speaker

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