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If you and I are friends in real life there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard me talk about Shannon.  Shannon is the Owner/Creator of super rad Calgary Wedding Invitaion Company Spoonful of Sugar Custom Invitations and Creations.  Not only does she rock out at making unique custom invitations, posters, seating charts and programs for pretty much any event you can throw at her but she also rocks out at loving her super adorable husband Mike.  I mean look at these two! They basically made my camera sick with their love.

Since I posted their Moving Portrait on my facebook page while ago I’ve had people asking me 100′s of questions about it.  Where did we get the attire?  Where did the idea come from?  How did we get a bathtub into the middle of the forest.  And the number one question I get “Are they engagement photos?”

Nope, Mike and Shannon got these photos taken mostly just because.  You can kind of call them “Anniversary Photos” if you really want as they celebrated a wedding anniversary close to our session date but in the end they really just wanted to capture their love.  Too many people only have good photos taken of them when they are married, and then again when their kids are born or when they have a bunch of kids and want family photos but Shannon and Mike are all about celebrating the in between.  Capturing where their lives are right now, the love they have for each other right now.  40 years from now they want to sit on their porch swing and look back at these photos and remember.  I’m happy that I can give them that.

Did you notice Mikel’s crazy face in the last image there?  Yep he was grumpy because he thought Shannon was blocking his shot!  LOVE IT! 

And now a look at their super sweet Moving Portrait

View on Vimeo.

Julie - October 7, 2021 - 8:12 pm

These are cute! I 100% agree that people should get photos more often than just the typical milestones. I do like the moving portrait…nice work!

nikki - October 19, 2021 - 4:00 pm

Thanks Julie!!

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