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    You are probably here for 1 of 3 reasons.

    1. You think I'm off the charts AWESOME and want to stalk me like a groupie (I'm totally okay with that)

    2. You or someone you know has had their family captured and you're coming to check, check, check check it out. (very likely!)

    3. You want in on some of this awesomeness and want to book your super amazing photo session for your rad family RIGHT NOW! (very exciting!!)

    Regardless of what category you fall into I'm super duper pumped your here, so don't be shy, take a look around, leave a comment or two, join our VIP Newsletter, sip some tea and have a good time!

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Friends- Calgary Family Photographer

I love the idea of a big family.  There’s something about a bunch of kids running around that instantly makes my heart happy.  You know four kids playing in the yard, fighting over the bathroom, the good stuff.  Our kids are so close in age because we wanted them to have every opportunity to be best friends.  So far at 25 and 9 months old it’s working.  Epic’s big sister adores him which pretty much makes my world now I just need to pop out a couple more.

I think Kathleen and Jason had the same idea when they were having their kids and I’d also like to report that it’s working out fantastically for them too!

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Roques- We Roll | Calgary Family Photographer

When you’re a mom and photographer there are hundreds of images of your kids as they grow, hell maybe even thousands.  The only problem with this is the fact that you are in absolutely none of them.  To be honest with you this was a problem for us even before I decided to pursue photography as a career.  The only pictures I have of my kids and I are taken by my photographer (Leah of thisLife Photography) and although we are Leah’s most frequent customers it seems like there are so many more images of moments with my kids that I would love to capture.

In our family Sunday mornings rule.  When my husband and I hear the kids start to stir we bring them into bed with us to watch a little bit of their favourite movie while we all snuggle under the covers.  When that starts to get old we all head downstairs to the kitchen where we dance to some music drink juice and make buttermilk pancakes.  There are no moments in life that I would love to have captured more than our Sunday mornings so when I spoke to Carla of “Let Them Eat Cake” about the moments she was looking to capture of her and her little one baking some treats I knew that it was going to be a special shoot!   I was not disappointed!

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