You literally flipped me upside down outside of the box I was so comfortably sitting in.  What the process has done for me personally is immeasurable




Now, when I tell people what I do, instead of confused looks and head tilts, I get big smiles and sparkling eyes.

Insight and guidance I got acts like the glue that holds together my brand and marketing – as well as how I work with clients and how I feel about myself as an entrepreneur.


Devon Smiley

I’ve worked with some of the top business coaches in my industry and I have a successful business, but I still couldn’t quite articulate what exactly I DO for people. I’ve hired copywriters, coaches, and consultants, no one could ever quite put their finger on it– but Nikki just gave it to me in ten minutes. That one line was worth 5 times the investment.



Life coach

Nikki will call you out on your mistakes and come up with awesome alternative ideas to help get your gears turning and think outside the box!

Life changes after 5 minutes of talking with her.



Gimme That “It” is the best in the business: Top notch service, brilliant design and laugh-your-ass off banter to boot. Hire them now.

There’s nothing more valuable than the voice telling you what’s so damn special about you, just as you are in this moment.

Kristen Kalp

Brand Camp

Nikki kicks ASS!!!!

Seriously, you might not think that your business needs a Nikki – but you’re wrong. Just stop what you’re doing and hire her now! Working with Nikki was a total game changer for my business. She worked her magic and turned my brand into something bigger and better than I ever could have imagined!! She made the experience fun and painless, and it was worth every penny. Nikki is the best there is, period. Just hire her now… you can thank me later!.

Autumn Abott

Three & Eight Photography

In about 30 minutes, you made me feel deeply seen. And you helped me see myself more objectively than any other coach has. Most coaches ask their clients to look inside to find the answers. But you took what I was presenting on the OUTSIDE and questioned me on it.


Copy Writer