My Wedding Day was right up there on the best days of my life list.  I married my best friend and to this day am so thrilled that I get to wake up beside him.  As great as that day and those memories are there are a few memories I wish I could forget.  You know how the music went wrong while I waited to walk down the isle or the STRESS that came with decorating and coordinating.  The stress of hiring vendors and hoping to God that they were reliable and easy to work with.  There were a few things I had to bend on because it was too much for me to fight for what I wanted.  Would I do it all again?  You better believe it, in fact I totally dream of renewing our vows one day like 15 years from now but I also plan on handing all of that stress and drama over to trained professionals.  That’s where someone people like Sheila & Stephanie of Dream Wedding Productions step in.  This weekend DWP hired me to come in and capture some of the details of the day they were working on while the Bride and Groom were off doing their photos.  When I walked in things were calm and cool.  The girls were working away, putting the finishing touches on the head table, directing the DJ, and trouble shooting when said DJ needed just a bit more room.  When Carla Roque from Let Them Eat Cake (who you may remember from here) arrived her table was set up, ready for the final touches to be added.  It was one of the smoothest, most beautifully done wedding I have experienced, and all from what I’m told, done on a modest budget.  Gorgeous.  Affordable & Stress Free!  My kind of event!