This weeks Tuesday Tunes is brought to you by way of a 16 year old kid out of New Zealand  (have you noticed I’m really into non American music right now… I am). I’m thinking you’ve heard of Lorde by now but JUST in case I wanted to make sure I introduced you!  I’ve been a fan for a while now.  She’s been a big deal in New Zealand for even longer but since her first full length album (Pure Heroine) came out in North America at the end of September she has blown up! By now I’m sure you’ve heard her song “Royals” so I’m not going to share that piece of gold with you.  Instead I’ll let you feast your eyes and ears on one of her earlier gems.  Enjoy!


Lorde // The Love Club


AND DUDE SHE’S 16!   So head on over to iTunes and pick up her new CD ’cause it’s good. My personal faves are “Team” and “Ribs”

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