5 Things To Stop Doing On Your About Page Right Now

Don’t Be This Person: 5 things to stop doing on your About page


Here’s the thing.  Your About page is your secret weapon, you just don’t know it yet.  It’s your very most important sales page.  It’s the reason why someone works with you instead of someone else.  A great About page is a carefully crafted masterpiece and it leaves you charmingly vulnerable.

Good news though- I’ve got 5 tips to make you look cooler, more relatable, and way less douchey, and you can do them RIGHT NOW!

Stop It : Step One

Stop acting like you are such a big deal that someone else is writing your About page.


Seriously, just stop it.  It’s obnoxious.  Unless you have a team of people working under you and when someone contacts you through your website a person other than you is going to respond, or maybe you’re Oprah, you are not a big deal enough to say things like “Jennifer fell madly in love with photography as a young fetus… she studied abroad and fell in love… ya da ya da ya da.”

It’s condescending and makes you look insecure.  You probably aren’t a douche, but if you’re doing this you look like one.


Stop It : Step Two

Stop Catfishing your clients.


We all know those people whose Facebook profile picture or Tinder account doesn’t look like them.  It’s weird… who are you trying to kid? Meeting a client is like having a first date.  We all know how much we’d trust someone if they showed up for a romantic rendezvous looking nothing like the image they hooked you with.

Business is no different.

Look, I get it.  You’re creative.  You want to share your soul with the world with your art.  But if your photo is so artistic that you look a depressed Kate Moss or the Andy Warhol portrait of yourself, you’re hiding.  If you want to make money with your art, you need to connect with people.  Easiest way to do that is to show them your face, your eyes, your smile.  Show them what you actually look like.

Stop It : Step Three

A selfie in your bathroom is not good enough.


Okay, so maybe you’re thinking, “Well mine aren’t that bad.”  But guys, I can’t tell you enough how important good photos are.  If it’s taken on an iPhone, it’s probably not good enough.  If you want your clients to hire you, to give you their hard earned money, you need to show and for that matter believe that you are worth it.  If you aren’t willing to invest in your business by getting yourself some good photos, then why should anyone invest in you?

In today’s world good images are so accessible that people will settle for nothing less.  This is non-negotiable.

Stop It : Step Four

No one’s interested in your white picket fence.


In other words, they don’t want the Instagram-perfect version of your flawless life.  Okay, well, to be honest they’re a little bit interested.  Of course you should put your best foot forward.  Of course this is not the place to talk about how your husband’s dirty socks always end up under the bed.  It’s probably not where you want to brag that your kids tells you “no” a little more aggressively than you might like.

But it’s also not the place to pretend that you are always perfect, and you never do anything quirky or even a tiny bit embarrassing. 

Why, you ask?  People kind of hate those super perfect people.  They want to think you’re amazing and funny and talented, or deep and artsy, but they also want to know that you aren’t better than them.  They want to know that they shouldn’t be embarrassed at their existence while in your presence.  Your clients want to connect with you in all the spots good and bad.  They want to know that you too have terrible awful but hilarious bed head just like them.  They want to know that sometimes you eat all the chocolate bars and drink way too much wine.  They are hoping that every once in a while you too are neurotic about this one particular thing and sometimes, just sometimes, your life is less than magazine worthy.

Don’t get it twisted though: they do NOT want to know about your childhood trauma, your messy divorce, or the fact that you haven’t brushed your teeth in three days.  You keep that shit to yourself!

Stop It : Step Five

Design is your friend.


People aren’t really reading your site.  I know, it’s so sad.  You put all this time in, you cried while choosing the right words, and after 73 hours of work you still aren’t sure it’s right.  Fuck them right? How dare they not read what you’ve got to say?  But they just don’t.  Unless you make them.

Research shows (look, I’m not making things up) that only 16% of people on your site will read the whole page.  That means that 84% of the people that grace your tiny corner of the web will only scan over your words.  They will read the headlines, and the bolded marks, and the small paragraphs that just have one simple idea.

What ever shall we do then?  We write and design in a way that draws people in, makes it easy for them to scan, and puts the important shit in bold.  See what I did there?  We use headlines that aren’t only catchy but also tell us something.  We use page breaks and graphics to break up large blocks of text.  We get smarter than the average bear, we get real, and we don’t write boring drivel that really has nothing to do with who we are.

We will make sure that the design and the words work hand in hand.  We will kick ass and take names and make a difference with your work, while making ALL THE DOLLARS!

We’ve got this.





Really you’ve only got 3 real options. 

  1. You can go do the work, and make your About page better right now.
  2. You can say you’re going to do it and then come back and read this again in 6, 12, 18 months.
  3. You can admit your time and energy is better spent somewhere else and hire me to do it.


If you’re rocking out option 1 hit me up and show me what you created!

If you want in on option 3 and want to take the pain away from creating your About page, fill out the form below and I’ll take over! 

Fist bumps, and high fives!



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