An Update! | Calgary Family Photographer

First of all YES, I realize it’s been a begillion days since I last posted on here. In my defence though I’ve been pretty busy. First I was almost taken out by the stomach flu on roids. Seriously I was pretty sure death was imminent. Then there’s this little thing called CreativeLIVE that I’m going to. I’m actually on a ghetto little Alaska Airlines plane on my way to Seattle as I type this. Can I just say it’s the year 2010 almost 2011 and I’m on a plane without a TV! WTF right? I mean come on! What does my $510 buy me if not an hour of inflight tv! It’s even budget gingerale. Who knew Gingerale could taste bad!?!

I digress. The point is that I managed to win my spot out of 6 people world wide chosen to take part of a Child Photography Workshop with Tamara Lackey. That’s pretty badass right? I think so. If you happen to want to tune in online and watch me make a fool of myself on the world wide web feel free to check it out! If you watch the workshop from the live stream it’s even free.

Other things coming up for EpicDanger is Bliss Wedding Fair on January 30th and the Mommylicious Trade Show coming up on February 7th.

We are also excited to announce the EpicDanger is also planning on releasing a BRAND SPANKIN NEW website in time for the Bliss Wedding Fair. So look forward to that folks!

Exciting stuff going on here folks! Exciting. Exciting Stuff! Keep an eye out!

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