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You may remember a few weeks back I did a fun little break down of Epic’s room and all the crazy fun stuff that happens to be in it. Seeing as I don’t want to force the kids into hating each other over their fight for my love I figured it was about time that I did the same with Danger’s room.

To some my kids are probably a tad bit spoiled but I’m a big believer in kids having their own space and it matching their personality and admittedly at this point some of my personality.  Danger is a crazy kid who loves everything bright and fun and loud! She loves to Dance  and most importantly pretend to be a robot or a monster, sometimes a robot monster.  Plus there’s the part where he name is Danger.  So here is Danger’s room! I’ll warn you now the crappy iPhone pictures are just that, kind of crappy but you get the point!

Danger’s Room!

Starting from the Top Left to Right.

Red and White Orb Chair- We got this bad boy at Nood.  For a kids chair it’s a little bit pricey BUT we got it on sale (which it also happens to be now) and is what we designed the rest of the room around.

Danger Blocks- These blocks came from our friend Rebeca for Danger’s 1st Birthday.  They all have different letters of the alphabet on them and two sides with the skull and cross bones. I would love to tell you exactly where she got them from but all I know is that they were purchased from an Etsy store of some sort.

Shelves & Bed- The bed, duvet and shelves shown here (there are 3 in total) are from ikea. Going a little cheaper on some of the things let us spend more on fun pieces like the Orb chair and accessories!  The bed has storage under it which is incredibly convenient as well.  I will warn you.  All of the ikea furniture in this room took me about 3 days to put together. (I would link to all of these things but it turns out ikea’s site is down or something!)

iPod Dock- Alright, alright.  Stop your judging.  Yes, both our kids have an iPod Touch and yes they have SAVED MY LIFE on many occasions.  Danger orginally used Chris’ (The Hubs) old iPod because she is such a light sleeper.  Adding some constant background noise in her room has made my life incrementally more enjoyable!  When that iPod died we got her a touch thinking it would help for car rides and such! Another win! It stays in it’s dock 90% of the time which is why a great dock is so important!  This dock is from Nood and since I like to have everything the same we all have one! Not only do I love them for the kids but I love them for me even more!

Sheets- These sheets are made by PaulFrank and are found at Target.  We don’t have Target in Canada so I picked these up while in Houston for a wedding this summer!

Owl & Bird- both from Starbucks from 3 years ago.

Danger Decal- once again found on Etsy.

Dresser & Pillow- The Dresser, and tree thing are all from ikea ands the pillow is surprisingly from Zellers.

So that’s it! That’s Dangers room! Let me know what you think!

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