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Foofa +Brobee | The Epic Danger Days {Personal}

Over and over again I talk about making more time to capture and then share my own kids here on this little blog.  It’s kind of funny really, my business is called EpicDanger Photography after the little munchkins because they are what inspired me to improve my photography day after day yet they are constantly put last when it comes to actually taking photographs.  They say the plumber is the one with a leaky pipe or whatever, but leaky pipe no more!

The new goal is to rock out “The Epic Danger Days” every week from no until eternity… well maybe that’s a little much but hopefully every Saturday until whenever I’m going to throw down a personal post on this here bloggity!

This week we start with our Halloween awesomeness.  I think Halloween might be my favourite holiday (I’m kinda Grinchy to be honest with you) so I was pumped when Danger really GOT Halloween this year.  She asked to wear her costume everyday for weeks before the big day.  She practiced her “Trick or Treating” on the pantry door and she tried to force her little brother into his costume every chance she got.

Her one Halloween Kryptonite took the form of pumpkin guts.  ’Cause well “it’s a little bit scary”.  Apparently she doesn’t like slimy stuff.  Who can blame her!?  But with enough peer pressure and bribery we got her for only a moment to touch the innards with her hands!  She still talks about it.

Here’s a look at our carving fiasco(that took place at 5:30am for the record) her walk to her first school costume party and a great night of trick or treating with friends.

If you happen to be wondering why Epic is not in any of the Trick or Treating images the answer is simply that he thinks “Trick or Treating” means “going into strangers houses and checking out their toys” when his ideas and reality didn’t quite line up he went home with Dad to yell in his room.

The night did end wonderfully though as both kids loved serving their “customers” at the front door.  Turns out the fact that Epic has 3 words and one of them is “BYE!!!” turned out all right!


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shannon KNovember 26, 2021 - 6:45 pm

I love that I can see Coco being carried away by Chris and howling.
Great post. I love that you’re going to take more photos of those two ADORABLE munchkins.

Matthew KunceNovember 27, 2021 - 9:23 pm

Great post Nikki. Love the pictures of Danger and Epic. Your passion and love shows through your pictures of them.

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