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Snow . Crafts . Cookies | The Epic Danger Days {personal}

Back again with some more images of my WAY FANTASTIC, SUPER AWESOME, CRAZY CUTE offspring.  Over the last week or two we have rocked out some crafts, a way fun letter to Santa in which Danger asked for a “cute little baby Rapunzel doll”  and some cars for her brother.  Along with crafts this year I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and attempting to bake with the kids, as they love to bake and I love to eat the baking.  So Foofa cookies and pink sprinkles all the way! For the record, I’m not so much a sculptor. Yo Gabba Gabba should really get on selling some cookie cutters! For REALZ!

So that’s our week.


PS.  Did I mention that Danger is TERRIFIED of firefighters? No? Well she is.  It’s irrational and ridiculous but it’s our reality so we do stuff to show her how awesome being a firefighter is in hopes of stopping the nightmares!

PPS all these pics were edited with the new VSCO Film presets.  I’m digging the B&W’s

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