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Danger + Epic | Hanging out! {New Lensbaby}

Danger dislikes her blue eyes.  She tells me everyday that her eyes are “starting to go green” at first I thought that was really weird.  I mean what girl doesn’t wish she had blue eyes!  One day after asking what seemed like a thousand questions I got to the bottom of it ” Mama, you have green eyes.  I am going to grow up to be just like you. Right?  I’m gonna be a picture lady with a black camera! Click, click, click”  Although no I don’t want her eyes to change colour and yes I want her to grow up to be exactly who she wants to be and do exactly what she wants to do sky’s the limit,  that moment right there was probably the proudest I have ever felt.

Since then I’ve done my best to help Danger get comfortable with the camera.  She loves taking pictures with my Fuji Instamax and my “black camera” She takes picture of her feet, her brother  and even me.  Epic is not far behind her as his love of pushing buttons is right up there with rolling around in dirt (which is one of his favourite pass times).

This afternoon started off playing with the instant camera until we ran out of film.  That’s when I quickly grabbed my “real” camera and  threw the new Lensbaby Edge 80 lens on that I picked up in Vegas this February.  Let me tell you this lens is a lot of fun and I can not WAIT to shoot more with it.  Bring on the spring!!

Here’s what we made today!

These next images were shot on a 50 mm prime. I was pumped that Epic allowed one photo of the two of them.  It’s rare he let’s Danger touch him:)The other Day Danger said “I’m gonna kiss him” he screamed “or not…” Too much cuteness!

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Michael from LensbabyMarch 22, 2021 - 8:55 pm

Lovely photos! I’m glad you’re enjoying your Edge 80 and are capturing such magic moments with it.

shannon KMarch 22, 2021 - 9:11 pm

These are spewing awesome. My most favourite is the first one of Ror with her Jessie doll. So fabulous!

Matthew KunceMarch 23, 2021 - 10:05 am

Fantastic images. Love your little stories about the kids. I smile every time.

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