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Sick | Calgary Photographer {EpicDanger Days}

I hate it when my kids are sick.  Who doesn’t really.  It’s a fact of life though.  I mean have you ever actually watched what goes into your kids mouths and where, oh dear god where their hands have been.  I have. Let me tell you it’s disgusting! They are dirty dirty little beings with no regard for kleenex or hand sanitizer for that matter.

So Danger and Epic.  Sick as dogs this week.  My husband also sick (seriously if I could have shipped him back to his Mom’s house for the week I would have, can I get an amen!) I somehow snuck by unscathed from the plague that struck our house.  The up side to that was that I was capable of taking care of all these sick beings… the downside is was also that I was capable of taking care of all of these sick beings.

I only joke a little bit.  I mean sick kids are totally a double edged sword for a Mom like me.  On one hand YES they all wanted so many snuggles… kids who barely hold still were pumped at the idea of snuggling up on the couch under mounds of blankets with me, their super awesome, totally rad mom.   The first day was bliss… we drank juice, watched all my favourite kids movies, including Meet The Robinson’s  and had soup for dinner.  Come day three I couldn’t pry those little buggers off of me fast enough. It’s a weird thing this mom gig a weird thing because just this afternoon I tried to convince Danger that she should come give me a snuggle she told me “Not now mom I’m defending the Universe” and ran off with Jessie the Yodelling Cow Girl and I was just a tiny bit sad.

So until the next time sickness hits for longer than 24 hours I’ll secretly wish for them to feel just a little bit under the weather and need a mom snuggle.


Plus sick kids take some of the cutest pictures!

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glomediagirlMarch 20, 2021 - 4:31 am

That tent is “TOTALLY WICKED!”

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