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I’m not your typical “Mommy” type.  In fact I don’t actually like being called mommy.  There’s just something about it that bugs me.  Fortunately for me Danger rocks one of the cutest “Mama’s” on the planet.  Seriously it sounds way cuter when she says it.  I don’t love all things disney princess… I don’t love building lego.  I HATE crafts.  I don’t rock anything close to Mom jeans or care to volunteer at Danger’s preschool.  I’m not a baker, meal planning makes me want to poke my own eyes out and did I mention I hate crafting?

Although I’m not your typical disney mom I do love my kids more than anything or anyone in the world. They are absolutely everything to me.  Because I love them so much The Hubby and I are constantly trying to make sure they have an absolutely fantastic, fun, happy childhood.  We rock scooters and park time.  We snuggle together for family movie nights, with popcorn of course.  We have pretend beach parties, build forts, have campfires and on occasion I have even been known to craft.  Don’t tell anyone!:)

Even though my little family is PRETTY AWESOME I’m always looking for new ways to have a HAPPY FAMILY… Enter The Happy Family Movement.

I could straight up go on and on telling you how fantastic this website is.  How useful their blog is and how cool their products are.  I mean ADVENTURE IN A BOX: Fort building kit!  AWESOME!  Instead I’d rather you go check it out for yourself because “Happy kids raised in a joy-filled environment will change the world”

So go check it out! Make Ned the iPhone monster for dedicated time with your kids, pick up a Road Trippin’ Adventure kit or just have a little more fun with those cute little kids of yours.  WWW.THEHAPPYFAMILYMOVEMENT.COM



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Jenny SolarMarch 6, 2022 - 1:52 am

Nikki!! Thanks for the blog love today! You are awesome and your kiddos are SO lucky to have you as their mama!!

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