The Business

MentoringSo here’s the deal. Mentoring sounds kinda creepy to me.  Maybe not creepy… maybe more pompous and egotistical or something.  Maybe I’m out to lunch and it sounds totally rainbows and unicorns to you.  Who knows?

The point is that4 years ago when I started this EpicDanger jazz up I had no damn clue what I was doing.  Naturally I looked at what everyone else who was successful was doing and tried to follow suit.  LAME!  Even though I owned both a Kelly Moore camera bag AND a shootsac I still wasn’t booking out.  Shocking right? I know.

Then I realized that just because Jasmine Star blogs about her dog 4 times a day and that Joy Prouty has maybe never completed a photo shoot without a quilt or hand crafted boat in it doesn’t mean that I need to blog my dog sitting in a dinghy, wrapped in a different quilt each day! I know this is life altering information for some of you.  Just trust me.

Instead I figured out exactly who I am, who my clients are and how to reach them with my own brand of awesome.

Along The Way I…

  • Transitioned from being a shoot and burn $300 a session photographer to an average sale of $1800 per family + a $250 Session Fee
  • Got Really Rad at In Person Sales (see that Average sale up there? Boom!)
  • Stopped Shooting Weddings (giving up 58% of my income and making it work anyway)
  • Started working with only clients that I don’t want to stab in the face and referred everything else away. No more headaches
  • and Found a work life balance, shooting less and making more.  No more 3 am nights in front of Lightroom

How I Did It

Turns out no man is an island, or it takes a village, or some shit like that.  I had a lot of help along the way.  I’ve spent time with really rad people like Tamara Lackey and the creativeLive crew.  I’ve hired peeps to help me out and have an on going relationship with a pretty swell mentor myself.  I tell you this because I would have never rocked my business out as quickly and (if I do say so myself) as effing amazingly as I have if I didn’t have someone from the outside looking in to objectively tell me when I’m making bloody brilliant choices and when I was shitting the bed.  Everyone needs their own personal cheering section and everyone can use someone to help them avoid the same mistakes that they made. I would totally love to be your cheering section… unless you believe Obama is a terrorist or support Ford Nation… in that case I can only call you a turd and walk away.

How I’ll Rock Your World

I am definitely not the right fit for everyone but I’ve picked up a few tips along the way and if I’m your people or you’re my people or whatever? I’d love to help you out with any of the following things

  • Transitioning from making no money in the shoot and burn world to making DOLLAR DOLLAR BILLS Y’ALL!
  • Rocking In Person Sales without puking in your clients driveway… okay actually they lived in a condo so technically I threw up in their parking lot.
  • Figuring out who you are, who your clients are and how to start a love affair
  • Telling you when your ideas a super awesome or when they suck giant donkey balls.
  • Helping you come up with more super swell ideas that fit WHO YOU ARE instead of just doing what everyone else is doing.


How It All Goes Down 

First you say BOOM! Let’s Do This and hit one of the buy now buttons down below. Then I email you a crazy personal questionnaire, you fill it out send it back choose a time to chat and then I STALK your ass.   Our hang out time comes… we log onto Skype (hint I HATE THE PHONE, I love Skype or google hang out)  and chat and ancient wisdom is passed down from me to you.   It’s going to be swell.  I just know it.

Let’s Get It Started

The Full Meal Deal $799

3 Months Worth of my presence is your present. We hang out for an hour twice a month for 3 months.  In Between our calls I’ll email you to check in on how the last weeks goals are going. By the end we will most definitely be BESTIES!

The Twofer $299

Two 2 hours phone calls… one to get you started and one a month later to keep that shit going!

The One Off $199

An hour with me is like an hour with Justin Timberlake… no it’s not, I lied, but it is going to be just as AWESOME!


If there’s an option missing here that you’d like to check out email me and we’ll figure it out! 

C a t e g o r i e s