What’s it all about

No Joke… I’m a bloody good time.  

But no for serious.  Want a little peek.  This is what 2 hours with me feels like.  Check it!

I’ll warn you now, I’m all about being fun , footloose and fancy free. My goal is to capture your family, just as they are. No stiff poses, no lame shots, just all the awesome love you & yours can cram into a few hours. Lets make pankcakes, have a pillow fight or build forts- it’s up to you! I can’t wait to show “the real you” through the images we create together. 20 years from now your kids can will be able to see past your “oldschool” outfits and know exactly who their parents were when they were young and hip with better hair. They will know just how much you adored them even though they provided you no sleep and coloured on the walls from time to time! You will enjoy the nostalgia of yesterday and remember their silly quirks, crooked smiles, tiny hands and loose teeth!

C a t e g o r i e s