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What I’m Working On | Calgary’s Modern Family Photographer

You may have noticed I’ve been a little bit quiet on this here blog of mine lately.  Truth of the matter is that I’ve been insanely busy with weddings, fall photos and of course Christmas cards.

Just to show you how much I still care I thought I’d give you a peek on the photos I’m currently slaving away on.

But before you take a look see, can I just say that this kids eyes are GORGEOUS! Sorry, buddy I meant “handsome”


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King Nadal | Calgary Modern Family Photographer

Little Nadal is easily one of the cutest kids to make his way in front of my camera! When Nadal’s mom Fifi got in touch with me about shooting their family we did the initial emails back and forth where she told me all about their story.  Then like always I asked to friend her on facebook, ’cause let’s face it, there is no faster way to get to know someone than to stalk their facebook for 10 minutes!  From the very first picture of Nadal and his big brown eyes I was smitten!

Seriously the kid is cute! The fact that his parents are FUN, full of energy and more love then I’ve ever seen doesn’t hurt either! I’m seriously lucky to have met these three and can’t wait to capture more of their special moments together!

Here’s a look at our sun kissed Sunday evening back in August.

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Epic’s 2nd Birthday | Okotoks Family Photographer

The month of September was an intense one for EpicDanger Photography and in turn for the McArthur’s.  Mixed in with the weddings, family sessions and workshops in LA was my little man’s 2nd birthday.

Most mom’s say “I can’t believe how quickly time flies, it seems like just yesterday that I brought him home” not me.  With you Epic it seems like you’ve always been here.  You are the little bit of glue that makes our family work so well.  Even if you don’t speak and you sleep horribly and your hearing is questionable you are the funniest kid I know.  You’ve got that little something in you that makes the whole world revolve around your big ‘Megamind’ head. You play hard and dirty.  You are a boy through and through, you little man are Epic!

Love YOU!

Although I’m way late in writing about it here I have photographic proof that it did indeed happen!

Side Notes:

*Thanks to Carla of Let Them Eat Cake for all the awesome chocolate covered desserts!

*After opening all his toys Epic seemed a little overwhelmed with the idea of sharing his new swag so he grabbed his favourite new Handy Manny singing tool box and hid in the backyard!

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joshOctober 3, 2021 - 5:33 pm

Love! He sure can chow down a hot dog :) :) :)

Sarah ClemenceOctober 3, 2021 - 6:10 pm

Happy Birthday!!! Little guy. Love the pics. Handy Manny is awesome.

Christmas Card Mini Sessions | Calgary Family & Couples Photographer

Alright it’s FOR REAL that time again! I know, I know I started harassing you all into thinking about your Christmas cards a couple of months ago but I mean it now.

If you want to send out custom Christmas cards this year now is the time.  Did I mention that Christmas is only 12 week away? Well it is.  LAME!

So if you want updated images of your family and some great cards to go with them and you don’t have the time or energy for a full family session this is for you.

Christmas Card Mini Sessions

1 Day. 1 Location. 20 minutes. 10 Digital Files. 24 Christmas Cards. 24 Envelopes. $300

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