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    You are probably here for 1 of 3 reasons.

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Seven [the ronald mcdonald house]| Calgary Family Photographer

About six months ago (give or take a month or two) I had a super fantastic internet meeting with the completely amazing Rob and Lauren of both Rob and Lauren Photographers and Photography Concentrate. While chatting about soooo many things (Lauren speaks quickly) they brought up their sessions for The Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton.  I was immediately inspired.  Having two kids of my own the idea of them being sick hit me hard.  Providing these families with images seems like the very least I can do.

So this month after lots of planning and meetings I made the hour drive up to Calgary’s Ronald McDonald House where I met a little boy named Trevor, his 4 brothers and sisters and his parents.

All though this family has been living away from home for the last 11 and a half months the kids missing birthdays with friends, holidays with family and the familiarity of their own house no one complained, no one told me about all the things they miss.  Instead I heard all about how much they love each other.  How they love to play soccer as a family or play in the park.

I may have been there to give them a gift, for which they really extremely thankful for, I left with a gift too.

Here are some images from our evening together.


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Shannon KJuly 1, 2021 - 3:25 am

Love love love! I think my favourite is the close up of the freckles! So adorable!

LaurenJuly 1, 2021 - 5:36 pm

Absolutely wonderful Nikki! I totally agree with Shannon, love those freckles!!

Marlene HielemaJuly 14, 2021 - 12:33 am

This is some of your best family work yet! Really nice! I’m sure the family was happy too.

How do people respond to your post production techniques? Especially a more traditional family like this. Do they think something’s wrong with the photo? Or do they go, Wow, I love what you did, love that effect. So cool! How’d you do that?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Ian+Amanda Engaged! | Calgary Beloved Wedding Photographer

A couple of weeks ago now I got the pleasure of hanging out with Ian and Amanda who happen to be getting hitched this September at The Hotel Arts.  After having only briefly met these two and their family I was incredibly excited about shooting their big day.  I mean two amazing people at an amazing venue mixed with all the love in the world what’s not to look forward too.

Then I shot their Beloved Engagement session here in downtown Calgary and the excitement and anticipation doubled.  Ian + Amanda are fun, full of love, and just the right amount of crazy.  I’m thrilled to be a part of their lives!


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What To Wear! | Calgary Family Photographer

After booking a photo session the first question I ALWAYS get is “What should we wear?”.  It’s a valid question.  I know that when I sign my family up for our yearly family portraits the most stressful part is hands down picking the outfits.

Then I follow my own advice.  Pick out two or three of your favourite outfits for each member of the family.  You know the outfits I’m talking about.  The ones that SCREAM your little boy’s name or your little girls favourite t-shirt that makes her daddy’s heart melt into a puddle of pony buying goo.  Plus the jeans that make your butt look super hot! Once you have everyones outfits out pick which ones go together the best. NO! I don’t mean all white shirts and khaki pants but maybe stick with all bright colours or all earth tones.  Clothes that go together but don’t match.

Another helpful pointer is to make sure the clothes actually fit and are lacking any significant stains! Sometimes as parents we overlook the fact that our kids have grown so quickly that their favourite dress is now a mini skirt and jeans are now capris!  The last thing you want is to notice this right before you head out the door or even worse, in the images.

As far as pirate hats and tutus are concerned if that really is who your child is then bring it along! One day you might regret not having great pictures of Johnny wielding a sword and eye patch.

In the end the right thing is to JUST BE YOU! Don’t wear a dress unless that’s who YOU are!  Don’t put your hubby in a tie unless that’s who HE is.  If you stick to that than you can’t really screw it up!

BUT just incase you are still unsure here are some great examples of matching colours and styles together found from: and





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10,000 Kids Project | Calgary Event Photographer

Back in May I was asked by the founders of the 10000 Kids Project to come and capture some of the awesome folks at their Gala Event.  Since I’m a big believer in doing anything we can to stop kids from going hungry, especially in my own city I was thrilled with the opportunity to donate my time in a way that will put food into 10000 kids bellies on a regular basis right here in Calgary.

The Project was founded by some fantastic local business owners when Jane Walter saw a tweet saying that 10000 Kids go hungry in Calgary every year.  In disbelief Jane passed that tweet along and with the help of Celebrity Chef David Adjey the rest is history!

If you want to read more about the 10000 Kids Project go take a peek at their website to find out more about the projects founders and what they have planned for 2012!

Here’s a look at the night through my lens!


10000 Kids Project Founders with FoodNetwork Celebrity Chef David Adjey



Celebrity Servers!



The Red Carpet!



How did I sneak in there!!


True to form Calgary’s fitness guru Jari Love ( loving her salad!!



Fantastic Singer and new host of Breakfast Television Tara Slone (


Celebrity Chef David Adjey with Breakfast Television Host Tara McCool.  The super swell Aussie Mitch from Virgin Radio.



Lady on the right is the Fit and Fierce at 40 (  blogger and Global TV noon hour anchor Cara Fullerton.



It’s Rupi from The Diva Lounge (



2010 Olympic Silver Medalist Helen Upperton (



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The Diva LoungeJune 23, 2021 - 4:07 pm

Amazinggggg pictures!