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    You are probably here for 1 of 3 reasons.

    1. You think I'm off the charts AWESOME and want to stalk me like a groupie (I'm totally okay with that)

    2. You or someone you know has had their family captured and you're coming to check, check, check check it out. (very likely!)

    3. You want in on some of this awesomeness and want to book your super amazing photo session for your rad family RIGHT NOW! (very exciting!!)

    Regardless of what category you fall into I'm super duper pumped your here, so don't be shy, take a look around, leave a comment or two, join our VIP Newsletter, sip some tea and have a good time!

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Featured: Ian+Amanda | Calgary Wedding Photographer

One of the most exciting parts of being a photographer is when your clients LOVE the art that you’ve created for them.  It’s a satisfying feeling, that makes you feel like beyond a passion, beyond a paycheque, beyond a job, that the images I’m making matter.  The fact that my clients will value these images more and more as time goes on is amazing and it’s the reason I do what I do.

However there is something about a random unrelated person who looks at photos all day long loving your images that makes my heart jump with joy.  So THANKS to Weddings In Alberta for loving Ian + Amanda’s images just as much as I and Ian + Amanda do and featured them on their blog today!

To see the full post check out here

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Sneak Peek Baby Sierra | Calgary Newborn Photographer

Tonight I spent this WARM summer evening with Mike, Laura and 5 day old baby Sierra! This little girl is ADORABLE!  Here’s a little sneak peek! For your viewing pleasure!

Can you believe Laura had that wooden basket just laying around!  AMAZING!

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Marlene HielemaAugust 2, 2021 - 3:30 am

Lovely shot! Lovely basket too. You need one of those.

ShannonAugust 2, 2021 - 5:06 am

LOVE!!! I shut down my computer and reopened to check for a sneak peek :)

Christmas In July | Calgary Family Photographer!

I know, I know… you hate me right now! It’s hot and sunny and absolutely gorgeous outside and here I am dragging you back to the cold snowy weather of Christmas.  But here’s the deal.  If you are anything like me every year you get a buttload of Christmas Cards from family and friends.  When the first cards rolls up the End of November ish you think to yourself.  I’ve got time.  Then your Great Aunt Marge calls and says “Are you going to send a picture of the kids in your Christmas Card this year? ” and you of course respond with a “You better believe it” and then realize that you don’t even have her address.  Either way, you’ve still got time so you push it off and off and off until it’s like 4 days before Christmas and your scouring Walmart hoping to God you can find a box of cards that are only slightly lame.

Don’t suffer the same fate as me.  This year you can be that over achieving jerk that puts the rest of us to shame come December 1st!  More importantly you can do it for FREE!! 

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, let me tell you how Christmas in July works at EpicDanger Photography! First because I’m a procrastinator it’s totally going to take place in August! Well technically there are a couple of July days left but you get the idea.

All YOU have to do is book your next family session by August 21st and 24 of these double side 5×7 totally awesome, modern meets vintage Christmas Cards with your super swell photos on them are all yours! I even throw in envelopes as an added bonus, because I care!

So book up quickly as I only have a handful of August sessions available and then we start booking into October!

So get in touch! You can reach my by email, that cool contact tab up there on the menu, facebook, twitter or carrier pigeon.  Whatever works for you!

Can’t wait to start planning your family photos!




If you would like more info on family photo sessions check out the website here

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Emerald Dawn ClassonDecember 5, 2021 - 6:50 pm

whats the cost for a family of 3 to get some christmas photos to send out to my family

nikkiDecember 8, 2021 - 6:37 pm

My Session fee is $300 and then prints and files are bought separately. Most families invest between $1500 and $1800

Awaiting Sierra | Calgary Maternity Photographer

A few weeks ago I met Laura her hubby Mike and her horse Lofty at her Dad’s farm just south of Calgary.  She was accompanied by her SUPER DEE DUPER CUTE Baby Belly and a whole lot of love.  Laura grew up on this farm and when I suggested taking the images here with her horse she jumped on board!  I’m sure glad that she did because I am head over heels in love with these images.

Speaking of LOVE. Yesterday, on her due date ,baby Sierra entered the world and from what I hear everyone is smitten by her.

So until I have a pleasure of meeting the new little lady you can feast your eyes on these!

Congrats Mike and Laura!



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